We are:

Europe United - One power

The world is on fire. Europe is on fire. Many European resistance organisations are in discussion about how to fight the flames. 
One of the results of this cooperation is the website https://europe-united.eu/ . This website reaches out to all of 'awakening Europe' and will be used to initiate and synchronise upcoming events and actions.

Europe United - One voice

Our first joint event will be a mass European protest named "It ain't right". This will take place, on Sunday 1st of may 2022, in Amsterdam – the capital city of the Netherlands. More than twenty global resistance organizations will support this protest and by actively urge their members and followers to attend. Together, we've set a goal for more than one million Europeans to take part this our one of the other localized initiatives to remind EU-leaders that they are representatives of the people (and not of power-hungry billionaires with sci-fi fantasies).

Europe United - One message

Europe United is run by volunteers, only. Every euro we receive, will be spend on actions and initiatives only. We also provide help to other protest groups.

If you want to support this Europe-wide initiative and be kept up to date, then you can do this by buying our "Conspiracy Quartet Game". You'll also get "the great goody bag" and a year long a membership too. 

Every new member will receive a monthly newsletter plus resistance relevant goody bag, including an exclusive gadget. This gadget will not be sold or offered anywhere else and is an absolute must-have for every freedom preserving European.

The newsletter offers information, that may not necessarily be posted on the website. A subscription will be limited for the duration of one year, after which it can be renewed upon request.